Aerial Survey Work

Choice Aviation has a diverse fleet of aircraft (Airplanes and Helicopters), and skilled pilots, suited for various aspects of  wildlife survey, easement survey, telemetry location, power lines, pipe lines and aerial photography.  These aircraft and pilots are carded with the Office of Aircraft Services promoting a higher level of skill and safety so whether you are a government agency or a private individual we are well suited to this type of work.


FAA Part 135 On-Demand Air Carrier – Certificate # VPEA116U

Aircraft Capabilities:

    • Airplanes:
        • Piper Super Cub,
        • Cessna 172, 182, 206
    • Helicopters:
        • Bell 206B-III

Pilots Qualification:

    • Airplanes:
        • Low-Level
        • Resource Reconnaissance
        • Mountainous Terrain
        • Unprepared Landing Site
        • Telemetry
        • Point to Point
        • USDA carded
        • OAS carded
    • Helicopters:
        • Mountainous Terrain
        • Low-Level Reconnaissance
        • Vertical Reference
        • Water retardant delivery
        • Arial Ignition (PSD and Torch)
        • Passenger Transport
        • USDA/USDI carded
        • OAS carded


Flight Department

Phone:  307.587.9262 x606

Debra Carnes – CSR, Flight

Leland Blatter – Director Flight Operations

Allen Jessop – Chief Pilot, Helicopters