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    Where do you fly, with how many people, whats your budget and wants?

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    Lets find a list of aircraft that best fits your profile.

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    We will take care of the search, conduct a pre-buy and assist with the purchase and those tax questions.

What is it?

We understand that owning an aircraft is a major investment that comes with considerable responsibilities. When you select Choice Aviation to support the operation of your aircraft, it allows you to simply enjoy the benefits of your aircraft…just how its suppose to be. Being a true full-service provider of aircraft services, we capitalize on the synergies and pass the savings along to you. Its simple, we can manage your aircraft cheaper and more efficiently than you can! Talk to us today about getting you into the right aircraft.

Charter or Own my own?

There are a lot of factors when considering the question but there’s a right answer for you! Each situation is different which include the frequency of travel, distance, with how many people, into what airports and on the list goes. Can one type of aircraft fulfill all your missions? If the answer’s no then chartering is the better alternative. Do you fly more than 20-40 hours a month? Then owning your

  • You fly a variety of trips (range/passengers)
  • You want to get the benefit without initial costs
  • Your not sure of your flying needs
Buy Your own if
  • You fly 30+ hours a month
  • You need a tax write off
  • You can fly all your needs with this aircraft
Why Choice?

Simply put, we can help you! We manage over 20 aircraft of our own and have learned the ins and outs. Maintenance, Pilot Training & Staffing, Insurance,  Hangaring, Fuel, Detailing

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“In all my years of flying I have reached the peak in care and service at an FBO. Choice Aviation is the BEST!” -Ray Fey