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Certificate for C310:

6 Seats -1-pilot-and-5-passengers

Six-Seats -1-pilot-and-5-passengers

Certificate for C172:

4 Seats -1-pilot-and-3-passengers

4 Seats-1-pilot-and-3-passengers

Certificate for C152:

2 Seats -1-pilot-and-1-passengers

2 Seats-1-pilot-and-1-passengers

Scenic Flights

This includes an hour (or as desired) flight around your favorite sites or if your visiting the area, we will show you some of the amazing views. A great addition to any vacation that will be sure to make your trip memorable. Scenic flight gift certificates are also perfect for aerial photography and viewing property.

Discovery Flight

This is a 20-30 minute flight that lets you experience the thrill of flying. Once airborne, we will let you take of the controls and experience firsthand what its like to fly. Included as well is information and introduction to earning your private pilots license.

*Gift certificate will be mailed within 24hrs of receiving payment.