Learn to fly using some of the most modern training facilities and tools in the region. Flight instruction is available throughout the year in an aircraft from our diverse fleet of Cessnas. As a student pilot, you will be trained by our FAA Certified Flight instructors in our professionally maintained aircraft. Choice Aviation offers both Part 61 and Part 141 training curriculm and is an FAA approved LaserGrade testing center for all knowledge exams.

If you’re not quite sure about becoming a pilot, take a ‘Discovery Flight’ with one of our instructors. For just $50, enjoy a half hour flight with us and see how fun and exciting it is to fly. We will introduce you to the Cessna aircraft, show you the pre-flight checks that we do before each flight, and then go for a short local flight around the airport. We will even let you take the controls once we are airborne so you can find out what it feels to control the airplane.

Our instructors are certified single engine, multi-engine and instrument instructors. We can answer any questions you may have and get you started today towards your pilots license.

Certificates Available:

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Private Pilot CertificateLight private airplane Instrument Ratingdsc01250 Commercial Ratingd0006645
Certified Flight Instructor92270298 Instrument Flight Instructord0006552 Multi-Engine Ratingimg_4687

Multi-Engine Instructorn68mu-panel

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