Ennis, MT (KEKS)

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In the heart of the world’s best fly-fishing country and just a bit off the beaten path to Yellowstone National Park, theres no place better to visit than Ennis, Montana. Being the closest airport to the resorts at Big Sky, we are set up to take care of your needs year around. Choice Aviation is honored to have a presence at Ennis – Big Sky Aiport and has the ability to take care of ALL of your and your aircraft’s needs. We understands that each customer may have had a long, hard ride and deserves to be treated like royalty when walking through the doors. It’s vacation time and it starts as soon as you touch down. That’s our promise.

Regardless whether you fly a Husky or a Hawker, you can expect a friendly smile, a warm welcome, and professionals with a passion to serve you. We know what is important to crews and passengers and are proud of our facilities at Choice and believe they are the best in the region. We invite you to come by and see for yourself.

FBO Services

Aircraft Charter – Our charter fleet ranges from a short-field capable C206 for the leisure sightseeing trips or backcountry flights to one of our Beechcraft King Airs to zip you across multiple states at 20,000ft. If there are needs in between, we have them too, including helicopter needs. Flight department staff and aircraft are available 24 hours a day to meet your specific needs and schedule.  Through private charter you can go wherever you want, whenever you want, with whomever you want!

Aircraft Rental – Choice Aviation now has a C172 available at Ennis-Big Sky Airport available for rental.

Flight School – WE NOW HAVE A C172 BASED AT ENNIS-BIG SKY AIRPORT. Come and learn to fly in the Big Sky with one of our flight instructors.

Aircraft Maintenance – Our technicians are trained and experienced to work on a wide range of aircraft.  A maintenance professional can be available 24 hours daily to meet your needs and your schedule.  Choice Avaition does not have a full-time mechanic on-site, but is able to provide maintenance techs from our other facilities.

Aircraft Management – Choice Aviation Ennis offers comprehensive aircraft management services designed to keep your aircraft safe, cost-efficient, and ready to fly at a moment’s notice.  From maintenance and financial management to dispatch and flight operations, we can help you maximize the value of your aircraft and its utility while minimizing the associated cost.

Resorts at Big Sky – Choice Aviation is your destination access to the resorts at Big Sky. Choice Aviation has teamed up with Moonlight Basin and is able to grant access via the private Jack Creek Road. This is a beautiful drive through a wildlife preserve that leads directly to Moonlight Basin then on to the other resorts at Big Sky. Choice Aviation provides shuttle service, rental car service, or will hold your vehicle at the Ennis-Big Sky Airport and have it plane side upon your arrival.

Customer Service and Line Service – Our customer and line service professionals will make your visit to Ennis, the surrounding resort and the world famous Madison River an unforgettable one.  We pride ourselves in our safety training, years of experience and passion for general aviation. Choice Aviation is the closest access to the resorts at Big Sky and able to grant access on the private Jack Creek Road.

FBO Amenities
    • Aviation Fuel (Avfuel)
    • Full-service JetA & 100LL and 24/7 Self-service 100LL
    • Oxygen Service: Portable bottles only
    • Lavatory Service: YES
    • De-icing: YES (type 1 only, truck with 33ft boom)
    • Heated Hangar: YES (max door 90 wide by 26+ high)
    • GPU/Power cart: YES (1 electric unit)
    • Passenger terminal and lounge
    • Flight Planning: YES (with weather and printer)
    • Aircraft cleaning / washing / detailing
    • Aircraft sales / leasing / brokerage
    • Pilot supplies
    • Courtesy transportation (1 crew car)
    • Pilots lounge / snooze room
    • Public telephone
    • WSI computerized weather
    • Wireless Internet access
    • Vending Available
    • Access to the resorts at Big Sky w/ rental cars ONSITE