Cody, WY (KCOD)

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Cody maintains its small town feel while still providing some of the best service available. Our staff makes the difference. Choice Aviation understands that each customer may have had a long, hard ride and deserve to be treated like royalty when walking through the doors.

Regardless whether you fly a Husky or a Hawker, you can expect a friendly smile, a warm welcome, and professionals with a passion to serve you. Cody, Wyoming has a charm all its own and our facilities and our team at Choice Aviation is no different. We know what is important to crews and passengers, and we offer a clean and comfortable facility with a full-service restaurant while you are waiting for your departure or your guests to arrive. We have a host of drinks and snacks available for purchase and our big screen televisions throughout the facility allow passengers and pilots to catch up on the latest news and sports. You can also stay connected using our free wireless internet. If reading is more your cup of tea, we have a library of books available for loan. We loan books based on an honor policy, so feel free to take any book in our collection on your journey and simply return it when you are finished. A quiet and cozy snooze-room is also available if you need rest.

We are proud of our facilities at Choice and believe they are the best in the region. We invite you to come by and see for yourself.

FBO Services

Aircraft Charter – Our charter fleet ranges from a short-field capable C206 for the leisure sightseeing trips or backcountry flights to one of our Beechcraft King Airs to zip you across multiple states at 20,000ft. If there are needs in between, we have them, including helicopter needs. Flight department staff and aircraft are available 24 hours a day to meet your specific needs and schedule.  Through private charter you can go wherever you want, whenever you want, with whomever you want!

Aircraft Rental – Our Cody facility has the C152 and C172S aircraft available for rent.

Flight School – Our flight school in Cody has the best facilities and equipment in the region. Learn in our state-of-the-art facility and have access to our diverse fleet of Cessna aircraft to include the C152, C172, and C310. Choice Aviation Cody is affiliated with Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming. Choice Aviation offers both Part 61 and Part 141 training curriculum and is a LaserGrade, FAA aproved testing center for all knowlege exams.

Aircraft Maintenance – Our technicians are trained and experienced to work on a wide range of aircraft.  A maintenance professional can be available 24 hours daily to meet your needs and your schedule.  Choice Avaition has maintenance facilities in Cody – WY, Hamilton – MT and Glasgow – MT.

Aircraft Management – Choice Aviation Cody offers comprehensive aircraft management services designed to keep your aircraft safe, cost-efficient, and ready to fly at a moment’s notice.  From maintenance and financial management to dispatch and flight operations, we can help you maximize the value of your aircraft and its utility while minimizing the associated cost.

Customer Service and Line Service – Our customer and line service professionals will make your visit to Cody or Yellowstone an unforgettable one.  We pride ourselves in our safety training, years of experience and passion for general aviation.

FBO Amenities
    • Aviation Fuel (Avfuel)
    • Full service JetA & 100LL
    • Food: (Stewarts Mercantile) in FBO
    • Oxygen service: YES
    • Lavatory service: YES
    • De-icing: YES (type 1 only, truck with 33ft boom)
    • Heated Hangar: YES (max door 72 wide by 22 high)
    • GPU/Power Cart: YES (3 electric units available)
    • Flight Planning: YES (with weather and printer)
    • Passenger terminal and lounge
    • Aircraft cleaning / washing / detailing
    • Aircraft sales / leasing / brokerage
    • Pilot supplies
    • Courtesy transportation: (2 crew cars)
    • Pilots lounge / snooze room
    • Public telephone
    • WSI computerized weather
    • Wireless Internet access
    • Vending Available
    • Conference Room (Pan Am Room) capacity-30
    • Two (2) Training Classrooms capacity-18