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You have arrived!  Choice Aviation and Northwest College’s aviation program is what you’ve been looking for.  Our comprehensive program will provide you with the knowledge, practical experience and degree that will ensure successful navigation in the existing world of aeronautics.  Now is your opportunity to discover the wonder and awe of aviation!

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    Northwest College Admissions

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    Director of Aeronautics

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    Interview and Discovery Flight


Learn to fly using some of the most modern training facilities and tools in the region. Flight instruction is available throughout the year in an aircraft from our diverse fleet of Cessnas. As a student pilot, you will be trained by our FAA Certified Flight instructors in our professionally maintained aircraft. Choice Aviation offers both Part 61 and Part 141 training curriculm and is an FAA approved LaserGrade testing center for all knowledge exams.

If you’re not quite sure about becoming a pilot, take a ‘Discovery Flight’ with one of our instructors. For just $60, enjoy a half hour flight with us and see how fun and exciting it is to fly. We will introduce you to the Cessna aircraft, show you the pre-flight checks that we do before each flight, and then go for a short local flight around the airport. We will even let you take the controls once we are airborne so you can find out what it feels to control the airplane.

Our instructors are certified single engine, multi-engine and instrument instructors. We can answer any questions you may have and get you started today towards your pilots license.

Course Matrix
Fall Semester 1
AVTN 1500 Survey of Aeronautics 2
AVTN 2510 Private Pilot Ground 4
AVTN 2520 Private Pilot Flight 4
ENGL 1010 English I: Introduction to Composition 3
MATH 1400 College Algebra 4
Total Credits – Fall Semester 1 17
Spring Semester 1
AVTN 2600 Instrument Pilot Ground 4
AVTN 2620 Instrument Pilot Flight 4
*ENGL 1020 English II: Introduction to Literature 3
*ART 1010 or MUSC 1010 Introduction to Art or Introduction to Music 3
*MATH 1405 Precalculus Trigonometry 3
Total Credits – Spring Semester 1 17
Fall Semester 2
AVTN 2705 Commercial Pilot Ground – Stage I 3
AVTN 2720 Commercial Pilot Flight- Stage I 3
HIST 1221 or POLS 1000 US from 1865 or American & Wyoming Government 3
*PHYS 1110 General Physics (with lab) 4
*CO/M 1010 Public Speaking 3
Total Credits – Fall Semester 2 16
Spring Semester 2
**AVTN 2710 Commercial Pilot Ground – Stage II (Capstone) 3
AVTN 2730 Commercial Pilot Flight- Stage II 3
*ECON 1010 or ECON 1020 Macroeconomics or Microeconomics 3
*ANTH 1200 or ANTH 2210 Cultural Anthropology or North American Indian Cultures 3
HLED 1270 or HLED 1271 Wellness or Diet and Exercise 3 or 2
*Capstone Elective (any class student chooses of at least 2 credits) 2
Total Credits Spring Semester 2 16 or 17
Grand Total Credit Hours 66 or 67

pilot-accommodationThe Aeronautics program allows students to complete academic coursework and flight training toward an Associate of Science degree in Aeronautics and a commercial pilot certificate. Students who successfully complete the program can use it for transfer to a four-year college or as a terminal degree which would qualify them for a variety of entry-level positions in the aviation industry. This program combines a foundation of general education with technical studies in flight training. Students will earn private pilot and commercial pilot certificates with instrument and multi-engine ratings.

Expected Student learning outcomes from completion of the program:  Students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the necessary skills and knowledge to obtain a  commercial pilot certificate (single and multi-engine) and  instrument rating
  • Employ a systematic approach to the mental process used by pilots to consistently determine the best course of action in response to a given set of circumstances (ADM)
  • Demonstrate adequate crew resource management including weather service, air traffic control, dispatch, maintenance, and cabin crew members (CRM)
  • Demonstrate an awareness of career pathways for the aviation industry


Cody, Wyoming provides an environment like no other.  Our state of the art facilities are located just 50 miles from the east entrance to Yellowstone National Park.  Your flight training will be conducted in some of the most beautify and rugged country in the US.  Pilots have been know to say, “If you can fly in Cody, you can fly anywhere.”  Our impeccable safety record and commitment to excellence will ensure your successful navigation into the exciting industry of aviation.

Financial Aid

Your flight training can be one of the most rewarding investments you’ll make.  The dividends are immeasurable for those who demand just a little more out of life than others.  Your timing could not have been better.  There are many opportunities that await to utilize the certificates and experience you’ll acquire throughout your training.  For some funding may be a challenge.  We understand!  We’ve made the investment ourselves and hopefully can share with you a few tips to assist in yours.  We’ve compiled a few resources to assist:

Funding Methods

  • Personal or Family Resources – you’ll find great satisfaction in putting your own skin in the game.  An investment into your future will pay dividends for years to come.
  • Student Scholarships – Northwest College has several scholarship available including a few specifically for our Aeronautic program.  Contact Northwest College Scholarship Technician, today to explore your options.
  • Financial Aid – There are a variety of financial aid options to help fund your educational expenses at NWC.  Contact Sam Harper, Northwest College Financial Aid Assistant, about resources available to you.
  • Military Benefits – Qualifying veterans can receive financial assistance through the GI bill.  Contact Sam Harper, Financial Aid Assistant – VA, today to get started.
  • Aviation Industry – the Aircraft Owners & Pilot’s Association (AOPA) has many good resources to assist you in reaching your goals.