Our Services

Hundreds of airfields but no scheduled air traffic? Hundreds of scheduled flights but not when you need them. We have solutions to your questions. Choice Aviation is proud of its abilities to help you better access your destination by chartering one of our aircraft or helicopters. We find the right aircraft for the required number of passengers, the purpose of the flight, as well as the status and budget of the customer. Whether it’s a quick trip to the big city or taking you into your favorite backcountry strip, we can accommodate. Our quotes are completely free of charge.

You obviously know the benefits of charter or else you wouldn’t be looking to us for assistance. In short, drive to the airport of your choice at your predetermined time, load up and we will be airborn within minutes headed directly to your final destination, not the big city hub that’s another hour-plus drive for you. Its as easy as it sounds.  We look forward to the opportunity to assist you and your clientele in being able to access our beautiful landscape by eliminating the hassles of travel.