We understand the need for competitive and fair pricing. Our posted retail prices is set weekly and on averages is $0.23 cheaper than the Northwest Mountain region price. In addition, we offer more ways to save.

100LL Discounts

We discount our fuel $0.10 from posted retail price (full-service) when:
-Your a local customer
-You top-off
-The flight is for a charitable organization

OR when you have a 100LL Fuel Card you can get from $.06 to $.20 off per gallon. It is a punch card and discounts get consecutively bigger each time you use it. Valid at all full-service facilities.
Other bulk discounts are available. Call or email jsimmons@choiceaviation.com for more info.

Jet A Discounts

We offer volume discounts (very competitive), contract fuel or a price quote method at ALL Choice facilities. Base & frequent transient customers are encouraged to reach out for account pricing. Further pricing breaks are based on annual uplift, method of uplift (single point/over-wing), method of payment and other services taken with Choice Aviation.

Volume discounts start at 200 gallons and further breaks at 500, 1k, 2k, and 3k. Pricing breaks are significant and will most likely always be best pricing.

Avfuel, AVCARD, COLT International, Multiservice, UVair and US Goverment AIR Card are accepted at ALL Choice facilities.

A third option for you is to fill out a fuel request and a best fuel price quote will be sent to you. SPECIAL PRICE REQUEST

For further questions, call (307) 587.9262 or email jsimmons@choiceaviation.com. Discounts are only offered when customers inquire and only apply to good standing accounts.